Day 254: Old Woman

Old WomanOn Monday, I did a portrait of an old woman in pencil. This is probably one of the first times I’ve ever drawn an older person, and it was pretty interesting. I never really thought about the time and effort it takes to draw the many wrinkles a person acquires over the years. I could have spent days on this drawing.

Day 119: Woodpecker

Woodpecker Drawing

I based this little birdie on a drawing in a vintage book I got at a rummage sale today. Jim says it’s definitely a woodpecker, but he can’t figure out what kind it is and it isn’t labeled in the book I got. Strange.

Anyways, woodpeckers have a special place in my heart right now because there is one that lives in my neighborhood and spends lots of time in the tree right outside my front door. Pretty much every morning when I wake up, I can hear it pecking away. It’s a nice sound.

Day 92: California El Stop – Part 1

California El StopTonight I did part one of a two day project, which was a pencil sketch of the California el stop in Logan Square. Tomorrow I’ll finish the project by coloring it all in with Sharpie. Can’t wait to finish it!

Day 78: House

House Pencil Drawing

House Pencil Drawing Inverse

Colorful House

We ate more corned beef and cabbage tonight over at my friend Christina’s, and it was delicious! After we ate, we relaxed in the living room while I did a pencil drawing of a house, which I guess is actually just part of a house. I also some Picnik filters to make a few additional versions. Fun!

Day 24: Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline Watercolor

Tonight I made a little watercolor painting of the Chicago skyline. I started by creating a drawing of the city in pencil, then painting it in with watercolor, and then added the sharpie outlines. I think it came out pretty nice and I’m pretty happy with the way the scan of the painting came out!

That said, I got my new scanner to work…sort of. I was never actually able to install the HP software despite trying to get it to work for over three hours last night and another 2 hours tonight. However, I was able to just use some Windows software I already had on my computer. All’s well that ends well, I guess.