Day 149: Garden

Tomato Plant

Basil Plants

Cucumber Plants

Bowl Turned Over

On Monday, I made a garden! I put in four tomato plants, a cucumber plant, an eggplant plant (hehe), and four basil plants. I also already have mint, chives, oregano and parsley growing profusely in my herb box, so I think that pretty much covers everything, excluding green beans, which we decided against in favor of having an extra tomato. Hopefully, that was the right decision.

p.s. On Monday, I also had friends over for dinner and afterwards I dropped a bowl full of veggies on the stairs on my back porch. Made for a depressing, but cool picture.

Day 144: Leaf


Last night I made a little drawing of a leaf. Specifically, it’s a drawing of a leaf from a big ‘ol plant with lovely purple flowers that we have growing in our backyard. The plant is on my upstairs neighbors side of the yard (we have two plots for my two flat, one for each apartment), but since he just moved in and the plant was put in by my former neighbor, we had no idea what the plant was. This was problematic since my new neighbor wants to start a garden of his own. Is it squash? Watermelon? No clue!

Since I love a bit of detective work, I spent some time googling around last night for vegetable plants with purple flowers, and discovered that the plant is a common mallow. Apparently, the young common mallow plant is quite delicious and kind of like spinach, but as it gets older it gets tough and sort of gross.

After I discovered this, I left a note for my upstairs neighbor all about the plant. I even went as far as explaining that if he digs it up, he’s going to need a big shovel because common mallow plants set down huge tap roots. I’m such a dork!

Day 141: In the Garden

Feet in Grass

Climbing Plant


Yesterday, I attempted to make a thank you card for Jim’s parents (for letting us vacation at their lovely Arizona home a few months back), and the card was a miserable failure. Therefore, I am posting a few pictures I took while we were out in the garden weeding and otherwise getting ready for planting.


Day 81: Cacti

Arizona Cactus

Barrel Cacti

Saguaro Cactus

Vacationing in Arizona means taking pictures of cacti! I suspect I’ll end up taking about 200 photos of saguaro catcti alone. They’re such amazing plants, probably because they are somehow human-looking, with their straight backs and expressive arms. It’s sad when they start to die and their arms start to droop and decay away. Hopefully, I won’t see any of those over the next week.


Day 70: Yellow Roses

Yellow Roses

Today I knew I wanted to make yellow flowers on a black background, but I also knew I was feeling way to lazy to actually color in a black background. To avoid it, I got a little creative.  I colored the flowers in blue, made the petals pink, and left the background white,. Then I made an inverse of the drawing, and TA DA! I have a picture of yellow roses with a black background that I didn’t require an hour long black Sharpie session. Yay!

Day 28: Lincoln Park Conservatory

Lincoln Park Conservatory

Purple and Yellow Orchid

Orange Collar

Water Fountain

Green Stuff Growing on Wall

Green Wall

Hanging Cactus

Today, Jim and I took a little field trip to the Lincoln Park Conservatory, always a favorite thing to do in the winter. The humidity and warmth helps me pretend that it’s summer for just a few moments. I like it.