Day 147: Another Day in Wisconsin

Red Farm Building

Grape Vines

Hay Bales

Cloudy Sky

Toucan Park Toy

Hand Over Hand Bars

On Saturday, we drove up to Wisconsin for the first day of our mini-break (we stayed until Monday) and had another glorious day up north. We went to Stellar Vineyard and Northleaf Winery for wine tastings, played in a lovely public park that hadn’t been renovated since probably the 1980’s (it had excellent hand-over-hand bars), and then went for dinner at a supper club on the beautiful Lake Koshkonong.

Actually, the story with the lake is kind of sad. Apparently, back in the 1800’s the surface of this giant lake was entirely covered in wild rice, which was an important food source for the native Americans in the area. Then a dam was built, causing the lake to rise by about six feet and subsequently causing all of the rice to die. This also meant that the thousands and thousands of ducks that used to live on the lake also disappeared. Depressing!

Anyways, despite learning about this tragedy (on the first page of the supper club menu, which was kind of funny/weird) I still had an amazing day. Yay for Wisconsin!

Day 60: Moutain Scene

Mountain Scene Drawing

Today I drew what I’ll call a scratchy drawing of a mountain scene. It only took me about 15 minutes, which was kinda nice because I’m feeling a bit under the weather today. It’s also nice because now I know I can do a scratchy landscape drawing quickly on days when I don’t have much time. Yay!