Day 55: Abstracts

Abstract Scan

Abstract Scan Blue

Abstract Scan Sepia

I did a fun little project tonight with my scanner. First, I cut out shapes from a magazine, pasted them on a white piece of paper, and drew some black lines. Then, I put the paper on the scanner and pulled it up an down and scooted it around a little to add texture. After, I used Picasa to up the saturation and contrast and change the colors around. Yay!

Day 24: Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline Watercolor

Tonight I made a little watercolor painting of the Chicago skyline. I started by creating a drawing of the city in pencil, then painting it in with watercolor, and then added the sharpie outlines. I think it came out pretty nice and I’m pretty happy with the way the scan of the painting came out!

That said, I got my new scanner to work…sort of. I was never actually able to install the HP software despite trying to get it to work for over three hours last night and another 2 hours tonight. However, I was able to just use some Windows software I already had on my computer. All’s well that ends well, I guess.