Day 352: Shapes

ShapesOn Monday, Jenny, Brian, Jim and I sat around playing bananagrams and enjoying a lovely crackling fire (via the magic of Netflix). It was nice! Afterwards, I made this little geometic drawing.


Day 338: Ocean, Woman, and Ranch



On Monday, I made these little beauties. I read somewhere that I should be collecting things that I like, gluing them into a sketchbook, and then using them for making stuff. These came from doing that.

Day 146: Bubbles

BubblesOn Friday, it was the last day of work with my co-worker of six years and my good friend’s brothers were in town. That meant happy hour after work, tacos at my beloved Taqueria Moran, and then a bit of a party back at my place. While everyone was over, I drew this simple doodle of overlapping circles. Kinda looks like bubbles.


Day 145: Lines and Shapes

Lines and ShapesThursday night was laundromat night so I brought my sketchbook and markers with while my laundry spun around in the dryer. It reminds me a bit of  the black and white pieces by Piet Mondrian, although less symmetric or parallel.

Day 115: Corn


Tonight I made a doodle of an ear of corn, which is kind of weird because I’m always talking about how I don’t like corn. I mean, it’s barely even a vegetable, and doesn’t really have any nutritional value. Also, it’s all sweet and weird. I’m just not a fan. To be fair, though, I do like corn bread. That stuff is amazing.