Day 107: Blue Agave

Blue Agave

Yet another cactus project! I kinda hated this particular cactus mid-way through, but now I’m kind of okay with it.


Day 92: California El Stop – Part 1

California El StopTonight I did part one of a two day project, which was a pencil sketch of the California el stop in Logan Square. Tomorrow I’ll finish the project by coloring it all in with Sharpie. Can’t wait to finish it!

Day 91: Cocktail Umbrella

Cocktail UmbrellaLast night, we took another trip to Barrelhouse flat to celebrate my friend Kat’s birthday.  We had a great time (we closed out the night dancing to old-timey music even though there was no dance floor) and drank some fancy and oh-so-delicious cocktails with names like whiskey smash and elk’s own. When I got home, I drew a cocktail umbrella in honor of a great evening!

Day 87: Lemons

I traveled back from Arizona this afternoon, so I’m super tired. Why is air travel so exhausting? I’m guessing it’s the stress and dehydration, but it’s still pretty crazy how draining it is.

Anyways, because I’m sleepy, I decided to make these lemons really quickly. To do this, I just cut out the lemons shapes from construction paper, drew the outlines and dots with a thin marker, and then glued them to a white piece of paper. Super easy!


Day 84: Southwestern Flowers

Southwestern FlowersAs promised, here’s a little ode to my vacation in the Southwest. Note that I did most of this while sitting in the sun by the pool where I’m staying. I can’t complain about life right now.