Day 269: Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA) Yarn Bomb Exhibit

MACBA Yarn Sculpture 1

MACBA Yarn Sculpture 2

MACBA Yarn Sculpture 7

MACBA Yarn Sculpture 3

MACBA Yarn Sculpture 4

MACBA Yarn Sculpture 5

MACBA Yarn Sculpture 6

MACBA Yarn Sculpture 8On Tuesday morning, I went over to the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, which was right near the apartment where I was staying, and was absolutely delighted to discover that they were doing a sort of yarn bombing exhibit in the main hallway of the museum. There were bags of brightly-colored yarn available and people, mostly kids, were throwing, knotting, and weaving yarn all throughout the large, and previously entirely white space, to create a huge, collectively-made yarn sculpture. Even though it was mostly kids taking part, I participated, of course, and had a blast adding to this thing made together by so many people. Truly wonderful.

Day 267: Fireworks in Barcelona

Correfoc Barcelona 2

Correfoc Barcelona 1

Correfoc Barcelona 3

Correfoc Barcelona 4

Correfoc Barcelona 5

Correfoc Barcelona 7

Correfoc Barcelona 8On Sunday, we went to an unforgettable¬†La Merc√® festival event called Correfoc, a huge parade where people run the streets with giant spinning sparklers and elaborate dragons spin around and spit sparks from their mouths. I think it’s safe to say it was more dangerous than pretty much anything I’ve seen in my life, and I would not have believed that it existed if I hadn’t gone to it myself. It was so crazy and so amazing!

Day 264: La Boqueria


La Boqueria

Fruit Juices



Pickled ThingsOn Wednesday night, I flew from Rome to Barcelona, so on Thursday I had the chance to stop in Barcelona’s famous Boqueria market, a chaotic, colorful, and enthralling jumble of booths selling vegetables, fruit, cheeses, meats, fish, sweets, tapas, and freshly-made fruit juices. I absolutely loved it!