Day 330: Milwaukee Avenue

BuildingYesterday, we went for a long walk up Milwaukee Avenue, and I took some pictures. Since we left the house around 3 or 3:30, it got dark while we were walking, which meant that some of my pictures from the walk are much darker than others. Actually, on a whole the collection is sort of non-congruous, which might be because Milwaukee changes quite a bit as you walk northwest from my neighborhood. Just north of my house, it’s rather sparse and open, but past Logan Square it changes and becomes much more closed in, with old retail shops, some of them rather run down, crowding both sides of the street. That said, it’s always a nice walk, and makes for excellent people watching.

Milwaukee Avenue Under MoonThe moon looked really pretty above this building, and I liked the way the street lights made the building look so orange. It contrasted nicely with the blue sky.

Mannequin ButtsButt mannequins are a pretty common sight in Chicago. They always crack me up.

Grocery Store Signs

Woman on Milwaukee Avenue

Neon Hotel SignI’m sort of obsessed with neon signs, so this hotel sign was an obvious subject for me.


Day 166: Sticker Art




Rainbow Pattern

I’m a big fan of street art and especially loveĀ sticker art because it’s pretty non-damaging. These photos are of the stickers on the newspaper boxes at the California blue line stop in Chicago. Newspaper boxes seem to be a pretty popular place for stickers, I’d guess because people interact with them daily when they get their newspapers, making the stickers more likely to get noticed.

In any case, I didn’t recognize any of the art when I was taking these pictures, except for the Goonski. He’s all over the city.

Day 153: Clark and Lake


CTA Travel


Clark and Lake

On Friday, I snapped a few photos with my phone at the Clark and Lake blue line El stop. They’re pretty low res, but I really like the faces and the mood of the pictures. Even though there are lots of people in all of them, they still seem sort of lonely.

Day 149: Garden

Tomato Plant

Basil Plants

Cucumber Plants

Bowl Turned Over

On Monday, I made a garden! I put in four tomato plants, a cucumber plant, an eggplant plant (hehe), and four basil plants. I also already have mint, chives, oregano and parsley growing profusely in my herb box, so I think that pretty much covers everything, excluding green beans, which we decided against in favor of having an extra tomato. Hopefully, that was the right decision.

p.s. On Monday, I also had friends over for dinner and afterwards I dropped a bowl full of veggies on the stairs on my back porch. Made for a depressing, but cool picture.

Day 144: Leaf


Last night I made a little drawing of a leaf. Specifically, it’s a drawing of a leaf from a big ‘ol plant with lovely purple flowers that we have growing in our backyard. The plant is on my upstairs neighbors side of the yard (we have two plots for my two flat, one for each apartment), but since he just moved in and the plant was put in by my former neighbor, we had no idea what the plant was. This was problematic since my new neighbor wants to start a garden of his own. Is it squash? Watermelon? No clue!

Since I love a bit of detective work, I spent some time googling around last night for vegetable plants with purple flowers, and discovered that the plant is a common mallow. Apparently, the young common mallow plant is quite delicious and kind of like spinach, but as it gets older it gets tough and sort of gross.

After I discovered this, I left a note for my upstairs neighbor all about the plant. I even went as far as explaining that if he digs it up, he’s going to need a big shovel because common mallow plants set down huge tap roots. I’m such a dork!

Day 140: Tiny Hand and Little Pig


Photographing a Pet Pig

Pig in the Currency Exchange

Walking the Currency Exchange Pig

Yesterday, two very important things happened. First, I met my new nephew for the first time ever (he’s adorable!). Second, I saw a woman with a pet pig go into a currency exchange. Naturally, I took some photos from both of these significant experiences.

Day 139: Nurses’ Rally

Chicago Nurses Rally 5

Improve Healthcare Sign

Chicago Nurses Rally 1

Congress for Sale

Chicago Nurses Rally 2

Chicago Nurses Rally 3

Chicago Nurses Rally 4

Stop Corporate Rule

Police Officer Taking Picture

Chicago Nurses Rally 6

Power to the People

On Friday, I went to the Nurses’ Rally in Daley Plaza and took photos. It was pretty amazing to feel the passion and energy within the crowd. People were really fired up about everything from improving healthcare and education to destroying NATO and corporate rule. And some people were dressed really funny, which was great.

Day 131: Abstract City

Abstract City

Tonight, I got tried out Splashup, a free online photo editing tool, to make this image of an abstract city. I must say that despite the program allowing you to use layers, it’s not that spectacular. Maybe it’s time to suck it up and get Photoshop at home.