Day 23: Rainy Day

Illustration of Man Under Umbrella

This afternoon, my wonderful mother dropped off her extra scanner at my office (thanks, Mom!) and now I have a scanner of my very own! Unfortunately, this same scanner has been driving me insane all night. Since I have Windows 7 and it’s an older scanner, it’s not compatible with my version of Windows. Despite downloading the driver from HP, doing some other update from HP, downloading various Windows updates, reading through countless bulletin board discussions, and restarting my computer about 12 times, I still have no idea how to get this stupid scanner working. I don’t understand why things like this always have to be so complicated and stressful!

On top of the scanner nonsense, I forgot my camera at work so I had to use my rather unsophisticated cell phone to take pictures of the guy I drew. Bummer.

That said, considering what an awful night I’ve had, I think it’s hilarious that I happened to draw a rather gloomy looking man before I even knew how bad things were going to go.  Maybe I had a subconscious premonition…