Day 288: Group-Made Mandala

Group Art Project


Working Away

Group MandalaLast Sunday, my roommate hosted a craft night, which happily turned into a bit of a party! As my way to take part in the crafting, I spur of the moment decided to tape a giant piece of paper to the kitchen floor, put out some crayons, and asked people to work together to create an artwork. Turns out that the 10 people that worked together with me on this were rather artistic and made a lovely piece that, according to Jim, sort of looks like a mandala.

Definitely a very exciting follow-up to the group art project a coordinated the previous weekend.

Day 281: Large Group Art Project

Large Group Art Project





Amanda or Jo

MineDuring a recent weekend in Wisconsin, about 20 of my friends and I made a big artwork together. The first picture shows the finished product and the pictures that follow are a few examples of individual pieces.

To get things ready for our group art project, I first created a rather abstract picture by converting a forest scene to outlines in Inkscape and then had it printed at Staples as a huge 36″ by 48″ engineering print (for only $7.50!). I cut the printout into 32 different pieces and labeled the back of each page according to a grid so that I could put them back together later. The columns were numbers and the rows were letters, so the first piece, for example, was 1a.

During our weekend together, I then invited my friends to each color in a picture a two. They were all very enthused and made so many beautiful little artworks out of the 32 pieces.

On Sunday, I then taped all of these artworks together to create one giant, group-made piece of art.

It was really fun! Thanks to my friends who participated!