Day 60: Moutain Scene

Mountain Scene Drawing

Today I drew what I’ll call a scratchy drawing of a mountain scene. It only took me about 15 minutes, which was kinda nice because I’m feeling a bit under the weather today. It’s also nice because now I know I can do a scratchy landscape drawing quickly on days when I don’t have much time. Yay!

Day 59: Flowers

Blue Flowers

Watercolor Flowers

I knew the day would come when I didn’t like what I made. For whatever, I felt like these flowers were kind of cursed the minute I started watercoloring them. Perhaps because I immediately hated the way the red paint looked over the light orange marker. In any case, I used the original to create an inverted version, which is posted first here, and I like that. I guess that makes me feel better.

Note: I used this cute doodle from Christy Tomlinson as a basis for the flowers.

Day 58: Undone, Done — A Social Art Project

Head Undone

Tonight, I decided to do something really different and create a social art project that I’m calling “Undone, Done.”

The idea: I’ve created an unfinished drawing that I’m hoping other people will finish by adding a body, using the original image in a DIY project, editing it into a photo, etc.

Everyone is invited to participate! The only rule is that you’re not allowed to remove any of the lines in the drawing. However, you can add lines, color, textures or whatever else.

When you’re finished, send a jpeg of your work to me at makingmade at gmail dot com by Sunday, March 4, 2012. In your email, be sure to include the info you’d like me to include in your credit, such as your name and/or a link to your blog or website.

I’ll post all of the drawings next Monday. Note that if by some rare chance I get a ton of pieces, I’ll post the ten best, as well as my own finished drawing.

Let the games begin!

UPDATE: The deadline has been pushed back to Tuesday evening, 3/6 at 8pm!

Day 57: Dog Show

Golden Retriever Hairdry

Cutest Dog

Poodle Stare


Fluffy Dog


Poodle Hairstyling


Shih tzu at the Dog Show

Dog with Underbite

Dog Show

Dog Show Running

International Kennel Club

This morning we went to the International Kennel Club dog show at McCormick Place in Chicago. The goal was to see lots of cute dogs, including some with ridiculous haircuts. Mission accomplished!

Day 56: Paris Street

Paris Street

My project today was based on a drawing in the vintage children’s book Rosalie the Bird Market Turtle, which takes place in Paris. I’ve never done a fluid cityscape painting like this before so it was good practice!

Day 55: Abstracts

Abstract Scan

Abstract Scan Blue

Abstract Scan Sepia

I did a fun little project tonight with my scanner. First, I cut out shapes from a magazine, pasted them on a white piece of paper, and drew some black lines. Then, I put the paper on the scanner and pulled it up an down and scooted it around a little to add texture. After, I used Picasa to up the saturation and contrast and change the colors around. Yay!

Day 54: Dark Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse


Melted Chocolate

Whipped Egg Yolks

Bowl of Chocolate Mousse

Mousse for Work

Tomorrow is our always-super-fun Oscar Celebration and Cook-off at work! I’ll be entering the competition with the Dark Chocolate Mousse I made tonight, which I am calling Anony-mousse as a play on words for the movie Anonymous, one of the films nominated for an Oscar this year.

To ensure that my mousse turned out delicious, I used the recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, which is absolutely amazing–so fluffy and chocolatey! It’s definitely worth bothering with the 14-day free trial.

Anyways, wish me luck tomorrow!

Day 53: Owl Pattern

Owl Pattern

I spent a lovely evening out with friends at the bar Barrelhouse Flat, which left me a little short on time tonight. However, when I got home, I realized I couldn’t resist doing another post with owls and I ending up spending over an hour on this. Oops!

Day 52: Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne Collage

For some reason, this little doodle inspired me to make a collage with white paper on a dark background tonight. Because I have a girl crush on Rose Byrne, I make the collage of her. Considering I didn’t sketch her face out in advance, I’m pretty content with how it turned out. It almost looks like her.

Day 51: Deer Chicago

Chicago Collage

I did a call on Facebook a few weeks ago for ideas on what to make for my blog, and my friend Kat suggested I make a collage. Since I hadn’t made a collage since grade school, I figured my Presidents’ Day holiday would be perfect for investing a bit of time in it. I like the results! The vintage Chicago photo that I used is credited to Charles Cushman, an Indiana University alum that donated 14,500 kodachrome color slides to the school. Check out this slideshow to see samples of his work.

Oh, and I took the photo of the deer during a walk on the North Branch Trail yesterday.

Finally, if you have any suggestions of things I should make, let me know in the comments!