Day 51: Deer Chicago

Chicago Collage

I did a call on Facebook a few weeks ago for ideas on what to make for my blog, and my friend Kat suggested I make a collage. Since I hadn’t made a collage since grade school, I figured my Presidents’ Day holiday would be perfect for investing a bit of time in it. I like the results! The vintage Chicago photo that I used is credited to Charles Cushman, an Indiana University alum that donated 14,500 kodachrome color slides to the school. Check out this slideshow to see samples of his work.

Oh, and I took the photo of the deer during a walk on the North Branch Trail yesterday.

Finally, if you have any suggestions of things I should make, let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Day 51: Deer Chicago

    • Thanks so much! It was definitely a new challenge for me and you’re right about it being gluey. I’ll have to develop some strategies for keeping the glue fingers under control.

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