Dawn of a New Age

Moon rising over hotelIt has been a while since I’ve made a collage (I think the last one was my Deer Chicago piece) so I was excited to make these collages earlier this week during an art night with some friends.

The following piece is my boyfriend’s favorite. He likes the kid jumping off of the diving board into the pool of space. I think my favorite is the one of the man and the woman with the galaxy behind them. I love how excited the woman is. She is so INTO that galaxy.

I’m curious–do you have a favorite? Which one?

Collage of a pool and space

Woman and man look at galaxy

Woman peers out at galaxy Pool and spaceCollage of Jupiter and a vintage hotelWoman view from below with space in background

Day 309: Vintage Stuff




Tokay Sugar BowlMid Century Horse LampsVintage Horse LampVintage Wash BasinVintage Embroidered ArtworkVintage EmbroideryOn Sunday afternoon, I spent a few hours taking pictures of some of my inventory of vintage stuff so I can post it in my Etsy shop, Rainy Penguin Vintage, sometime this week. I’m hoping to earn a little bit of money for my holiday shopping, so fingers crossed that things sell once they’re in my shop!

Day 51: Deer Chicago

Chicago Collage

I did a call on Facebook a few weeks ago for ideas on what to make for my blog, and my friend Kat suggested I make a collage. Since I hadn’t made a collage since grade school, I figured my Presidents’ Day holiday would be perfect for investing a bit of time in it. I like the results! The vintage Chicago photo that I used is credited to Charles Cushman, an Indiana University alum that donated 14,500 kodachrome color slides to the school. Check out this slideshow to see samples of his work.

Oh, and I took the photo of the deer during a walk on the North Branch Trail yesterday.

Finally, if you have any suggestions of things I should make, let me know in the comments!

Day 29: Vintage Fashion

Women in vintage green dress

Probably because I’m excited about selling at the upcoming Vintage Bazaar in Chicago, tonight I drew a woman in a green vintage-style dress. I used the book How to Draw Vintage Fashions (currently for sale in my Etsy shop, Rainy Penguin Vintage) to help me with the weird body proportions (apparently a standard in fashion drawing back in the day). I also used it to get inspiration for the dress, although it is mostly my creation.

Note: I spent .2 seconds on her hands so they look like monster claws. Oh well.

Day 26: Snowy Night

Snowy Night Illustration in Sharpie

Once again inspired by the book Trubloff: The Mouse Who Wanted to Play the Balalaika, tonight I decided to recreate one of the illustrations from this beautiful book. Instead of using paint  like the illustrator did, I thought it would be a fun challenge to convert the concept to a Sharpie marker drawing. I like the result, but I think I’m a little light-headed from the markers. How do Sharpie-users avoid this? Or do they just get used to it?

Check out my previous painting inspired by this book.