Day 226: Potato Owls

Potato Owls

On Monday, August 13, amidst my many Yosemite preparations, I attempted to draw cute little owls using a purple potato as a stamper for the body shape. Unfortunately, the color from a purple potato isn’t nearly as strong as the color from a beet, so it didn’t work that well. Back to beets next time!

Day 225: Eldorado

On Sunday, August 12, Jim and I made a big trek up to Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin so we could do a little training for our Yosemite trip. We several hours going up and down one of the trails at the park so that we could practice going uphill wearing weighted packs, something you can’t do at all in Chicago. It was a tiring day, so to reward ourselves, we stopped off in Madison for dinner at the Eldorado Grill, where we were delighted with delicious food and a rather funny waiter.

That said, what I made that day was simply a picture of the restaurant’s awesome sign.

Day 224: Bird on Wood

Bird Drawing

I’m finally back to getting my posts up after our lovely vacation to Yosemite and a few days of recovery.

Way back on August 11, I made this little bird on a piece of wood I managed to find in my sisters garage. Despite being a little tough to draw on, the wood definitely made for a nice presentation.

Day 223: Friends

Photo Booth FriendsOn Friday, I made a Facebook header using some photo booth pictures of me and some of my friends. It may be hard to tell, but start from the top left moving to the bottom right, we’re supposed to be progressing from angelic to evil. I’m not sure how well it worked except for the picture in the bottom right. I look so scary!