Day 179: Flip Book – Part 3


Finally! I finished the flip book today! Even though the drawings and animation in the book are very simple, it took a really long time to make it because I did 342 drawings–one for each page of the book.

I’m happy to say that I really like it. I plan to make a video of it as my project on Thursday!

Pictured is one of the drawings I did today of a cloud.

Day 177: Flip Book – Part 1


Eek! I am so excited to be making my first ever animation in the form of a flip book. The theme of my little piece is a summer day; on Monday I worked on some simple drawings of a rising sun and a little bee flying around. Yay!

I’ll post a video of the whole flip book once it’s done so for now I’ll leave you with a picture of my bee.