Day 36: Plush Heart

Pink plush heart

Today, I made a plush heart for my 3-year-old niece, which I plan to give to her for Valentine’s Day. A while back, entirely inspired by Shawinmals, I made everyone in my family a stuffed “Jeanne-imal.” Since my niece wasn’t born yet, I hadn’t made one for her. Until now! Yay!

Related to the actual making of the stuffed heart, I’m a sewing newbie, which made the project rather problematic, mostly because I couldn’t get my grandmother’s sewing machine (which I now own) to work. I later found out that it was because I was forgetting to put down the pressure foot. Oops. I wish I would have realized that instead of spending about two hours playing with the thing and reading through the manual to try to get it to work. I guess this means that next time I try to use it, I won’t have any problems because I really know everything about it now. Fingers crossed.