Day 258: 80’s Stuff

80's Stuff

On Friday night just before leaving for my trip, I met up with a few friends and we talked about funny 80’s stuff. I did this silly doodle why we were talking. Since I had a lot to do once I got back home, I figured it was enough for the day.


Day 257: Squiggles

SquigglesI’m back from a nearly two week long trip in Italy and Spain (there will be pictures), so it’s time to get caught up on all my posts.

Back on day 257, I made this little squiggle doodle. Not sure why the scan isn’t coming out so great…

Day 256: Quote

Art LoveAs I mentioned in my very first post back on January 1, I have zero practice doing hand lettering, so last night I did a little bit using a random quote on the internet. It looks cute, but the next time I do something like this, I think I’ll try to do something a bit fancier.

For inspiration, next time I should probably refer to The Art of Hand Lettering, an amazing blog chronicling one artists adventures in making letters.


Day 255: Woman and Plaid

Pink Lady

On Tuesday, I played around with my drawing tablet. These the two things I made.


Day 254: Old Woman

Old WomanOn Monday, I did a portrait of an old woman in pencil. This is probably one of the first times I’ve ever drawn an older person, and it was pretty interesting. I never really thought about the time and effort it takes to draw the many wrinkles a person acquires over the years. I could have spent days on this drawing.


Day 253: Housewarming Party



BandanaJust a few photos from a housewarming party I went to on Sunday.


Day 252: UFO

UFOOn Saturday night, Jim and I had a cozy evening in and watched the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Afterwards, I made this sketch of a UFO using pastels.


Day 251: Golden Retriever

Golden RetrieverOn Friday, I drew a GIANT picture of a golden retriever. You can’t tell, but this thing is about three feet tall and two and half feet wide. I have it hanging on our kitchen wall for now.


Day 250: Friends

Dallas and Nicole


JennyMy roomie Jenny had some friends in town last week, so I had the chance to do some simple sketches of them and of Jenny, which was pretty cool.


Day 249: Breakfast Scramble Bread

Breakfast Scramble BreadLast Wednesday, I made a breakfast scramble bread filled with sausage, egg, and cheese for a bake sale my friend was hosting to raise money for the Night Ministry, a non-profit organization that provides housing and health care for the homeless and those struggling with poverty.

To make the bread, I used my mom’s reuben bread recipe, but instead of filling it with reuben ingredients, I filled it with one cup of cheese, 4 eggs, and about a half pound of crumbly sausage. Note that I cooked the eggs and sausage before I put it into the bread.

The bread turned out pretty good, and I was happy that it may have helped my friend raise a few dollars for a good cause.