Scary Guys



Just a few doodles. Jim thinks they’re scary 🙂


Day 364: Abominable Snowman

Abominable Snowman  Abominable Snowman FaceOn Saturday, I drew a giant abominable snowman on our chalkboard wall in the kitchen. I love him!

Here are some of my previous chalkboard creations:

Day 361: Party Hat

Panda Party HatOn Wednesday, I made a rather cute yet rather silly party hat for my friend Christina because her birthday is on New Year’s Eve. Fingers crossed that she likes it!


Day 351: Hamburger Cat

Hamburger Cat


On Sunday night, I went to a movie watching party, and the hosts had a picture of  a cat, um, in a hamburger (see below).  Super ridiculous! When I got home after the party, I was pretty tired so I just did my own sketch of the hamburger cat.

Original Hamburger Cat


Day 334: Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier DrawingOn Thursday night, I drew this Boston Terrier, which I actually really love. I think it might be one of my best doodles yet.

Boston Terriers are such funny looking dogs, though. What do you think of them? What’s your favorite type of dog?


Day 328: Cyclops and Triangle


Triangle ManOn Friday night, I made a few doodles. The triangle man reminds me of that They Might Be Giants song.


Day 321: Hello Man

Hello Doodle

On Friday night, I made this funny doodle. He’s pretty similar to this guy, but a little happier, I guess.


Day 314: Sheep

Last night, before we headed off to the Louis C.K. comedy show (which was awesome!), I made this little doodle of a sheep. Not trying to get toots on my own horn, but don’t you think he’s super cute?!


Day 301: Red Man in Profile

Just another creepy doodle!


Day 300: Jack-O-Lantern

On Friday, some friends came over and we carved pumpkins. I attempted to make mine look like a Day of the Dead sugar skull. I’m pretty happy with it, and am especially happy that I got to use a power drill to make the holes in it. That was fun.