Day 340: Electrode Man

Electrode ManOn Wednesday,  I made my scariest drawing ever—this man in one of those electrode hats they use for testing brain waves. Eek! The drawing came about, I think, partly because, at work on Wednesday, my colleague Stephanie reminded me about how I talked about “finding your inner weird” in my post about creativity. When I got home that evening, I guess I tried to find some weirdness.

The drawing was also inspired by the ridiculous picture below, which I spotted in an old newspaper I found while cleaning out some files at work. It makes me laugh.

Electrode Test

Day 304: Heartless Monster

Heartless Monster

I am so excited. I entered this scary doodle, entitled Heartless Monster, in a doodling contest on the website Doodlers Anonymous and voting is now taking place to pick the winning drawing. Please, please, please help me win by visiting the contest page here and voting for my doodle. To do this, scroll down to my drawing and hit “fav” to vote. Note that you will have to create an account to vote. Thanks!