Night Photography

Traffic Trails in YosemiteHalf Dome at NightRed Light and Stars Half Dome, Leaves, and Stars Lights and StarsI tried my hand at night photography and┬ádiscovered something I already knew–that I LOVE night photography. I ended up getting these amazing photos of stars, and sure there is some noise from the high ISO and they’re a little bit fuzzy, but I am incredibly pleased with them as a start.

I can’t wait to learn more and get good at taking pictures of the stars!

Day 67: Meteor Shower

Meteor ShowerPossibly motivated by the apocalyptic-sounding wind storm going on outside my window, tonight I did a paper collage of a meteor shower. Even though it looks simple, it took a lot of patience and gluey fingers. I’m happy with the results, though. Actually, I kinda love it!