Yosemite Moment: Water

It’s been quite a while since I shared something, but I’m very excited to share a video I made for work. It’s a short video with visuals of Yosemite and water flowing within the park.

Note: if you’re interested in visiting Yosemite, check out YosemitePark.com for info about lodging and activities.

Day 323: Water Bottle River

Plastic Bottles Art

River of Plastic Bottles

Blue and Green BottlesOn Sunday, we went back to my friend Kat’s school to hang up the water bottle river, the second art project we worked on Saturday with students from the school and their parents. It turned out so amazing! I love it so much!

To create it, we filled up the water bottles with a small amount of water and then added food coloring in different shades. Then we used yarn to attach the bottles to a net (this was tricky!). Finally, we turned the whole thing upside down and used zip ties to secure the net to the ceiling tile supports.

Kat, if you’re reading this, many congrats on these amazing projects, by the way! The students and families really seemed to love the projects and the end results of both of them were fantastic!

Day 322: Water Bottle Waterfall

Water Bottle Art ProjectOn Saturday, I helped my friend Kat, who’s a teacher, with an art project she was doing with students from her school and their parents. The idea was to inform students about all things water–access to clean drinking water, privatization of water, the pollution created by bottled water–first through their classes and then also through the art project.

For the art project, Kat and her students first gathered up hundreds of water bottles over the course of several weeks. Then on Saturday, we all worked together to clean the bottles, string them together, stuff them with tissue paper, and then hang them as a sort of curtain over the front entryway of the school. I think it sort of looks like a waterfall!

We also started another project, which we finished on Sunday. More on that in the next post.

Day 163: Beach

Beach Chalkboard

The Swedish Chef had been up on the chalkboard for quite some time, so on Monday I redid it with a summer theme—the beach!

I think going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do in the whole world. I love swimming, I love sunshine, and I really love that relaxed feeling you get after a long day outdoors on the sand. There’s nothing like it, really.

I can’t wait to go again. Warren Dunes this weekend, anyone?

Day 134: Sailboat

SailboatLast night I made a little drawing of a sailboat, which is sort of an ode to my love of the water, I suppose. Also, I love sailing, although I’m no expert. A few years ago, I took some courses and learned how to sail a Rhodes 19, although I never took the final course or took my test to get certified. Perhaps I’ll have to do that someday in the future.

Day 125: Michigan Weekend

Sunken Shed


Beach and Fog

Foggy Landscape

Sandy Hand

Way to Beach

Foggy Road

Nine of my closest friends and I are spending the weekend in Michigan at a lovely house not far from Lake Michigan. Around 8pm, a few of us walked down to the beach, and I snapped some pictures. The conditions were a bit challenging for me because it was foggy and generally kind of dim outside, but I like the mood of the pictures. Sort of wistful, I guess.